Parent Login

Woolridge Montessori Academy (WMA) provides an opportunity for parents to monitor their child’s  classroom through the Internet. By Enrolling your child in WMA, you agree to have your child’s video accessible through the WMA website. 

To access the online video monitoring, all users accessing the WMA online video monitoring services  must follow the certain rules.  Each family will receive a special login password to access the on-line video monitoring system to  observe their children from their remote PC. This allows for parents and guardians to observe the live  video image of his or her child’s class to check on their children at any time of the day. Authorized  access permits access by that person to the images of all children within the field of view of the camera,  including your child, whose image cannot be excluded, even if you choose not to utilize this internet service. Also you agree not to share the access codes with others and maintain the confidentiality of  these codes. 

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